If you thought about it, what would you say was the most popular or homely room of the house? It depends on size a lot of the time, but the saying goes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. If it is then perhaps food is the heart of the family.

There is a lot of concern and worry in the world at the moment due to obesity levels rising as well as the number of people suffering with eating disorders but for a lot of people not suffering with either, food is what can bring a family together.

Yes, we do need food to survive but it brings a family together in ways that not a lot else can. We lead busy lives on a day to day basis but a lot of us will come together at the end of the day, eat a meal and catch up on what has happened throughout the day.

Some families live miles apart and simply stay in contact via phone or technology. However, special times of the year like birthdays, anniversaries and of course Christmas cause families to come together and do what? Share a meal.

Yes there are more important things and the future of a family isn’t dependent upon food but it does play a key part in still bringing families together despite their busy lives.

So, next time your mum, dad, brother, aunt, cousin or whatever calls and invites you to dinner…say yes, and leave the technology and distractions at the door and enjoy reconnecting.

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