Now whilst we love cooking for you, thanks to popular TV programs like Great British Bake Off and Masterchef it has become more and more popular to get back in the kitchen and bake and cook at home. Whether it’s an attempt at Michelin star cuisine or baking with kids, it can be great fun to get into the kitchen and turn your hands to cooking up a storm.

Time of the year says that we should be focusing on Halloween, so here are some great recipes for you to try at home for October.

Boo-nilla Ghost milkshakes are one the kids will love. Ready in 5 minutes they look really effective, cost very little and taste great!

Halloween Swirl Brownies look devilishly good. Kids will love swirling the mix to make the bright orange and dark swirls and the fact it’s chocolate will always go down well. Why not make some and cut and wrap up squares for a party or lunch boxes.

Shrunken Apple Punch – Terrify your friends and family this Halloween with an unforgettable drink – a cider punch topped with ghoulish shrunken apple heads – it’s a scarily good twist on apple bobbing. If you’re making for kids, just swap cider for ginger ale.

Jack O’ Lantern Shepherd Pie Peppers will be a great dinner to amuse the kids AND add in an extra vegetable to their diet. It’s basically a normal shepherds pie served in a carved pepper and looks great!

Mummy Dogs will be great for parties, adults and kids! So simple to make and ready in minutes, little hands can help turn sausages into mummies for a bit of a spooky dinner!

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