A new year can often mean a new start and a new you for a lot of people. However, there is no need for dramatic changes as you’ve already done a pretty good job being the you you’ve been up until now.

That doesn’t mean you can’t try or make small changes to improve your quality of life or perhaps the environment around you. January is becoming very well known by another name… Veganuary. It’s the month where many carnivores try and go completely meat-free and animal product free.

This sounds scary to some but actually it can be a really refreshing break for your body and it DOES NOT mean you can’t enjoy some delicious food in January that is not a pile of “rabbit food.” We ourselves cook and deliver some delicious vegan dishes from smoothies to sandwiches and cakes.

If you’re thinking of taking on Veganuary, why not try a few of these recipes;

Vegan Breakfast Recipes – this round-up from food blogger Mummy in a Tutu will set you up for the whole week!

Vegan Pizza Recipes – going vegan does NOT mean you have to live without pizza. There are some absolutely drool-worthy recipes right here from Vegan Heaven.

Vegan Mexican Food – Mexican food is so delicious, who doesn’t love a good burrito? Don’t miss out this veganuary with this recipe from Don’t go Bacon My Heart for Black Bean Quesadillas.

Vegan on-the-go Lunches – You may be thinking you want to give it a try but what about lunch time at the office? These 20 Vegan on the go lunch ideas from Wallflower Kitchen have got you covered.

Vegan Pasta – for those days where you simply don’t have a lot of time, quick and easy basil and avocado pasta from Nourish Your Glow is the key.

Next time you pop in to Deliciously Gorgeous, why not take a walk on the not so wild side and try one of our delicious Vegan dishes. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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