Folkington's Natural Juices at DG's

Folkington’s Natural Juices at DG’s

We are very happy to announce that Deliciously Gorgeous are stocking Folkington’s Natural Juices from Arlington. Here’s some information about these awesome juices. FOLKINGTON’S STORY Folkington’s was founded in 2012 by our MD, Paul Bendit after 12 years of developing premium and innovative soft drinks for leaders in the catering sector and stand-alone brands. The […]

Hot Chocolate

A Romantic History of Chocolate

With Valentines Day coming up, it’s only natural that our minds turn to the traditional gifts and treats associated with it – why do people give chocolate as a gift to that special someone? Well…chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac is deeply embedded in the history of civilization. The Mayans used cacao beans to pay for err…you […]

Inside Store

Deliciously Gorgeous

Deliciously Gorgeous, the delightful coffee shop, café , confiserie, and luxury food stockist, is set along Cornfield Road in Eastbourne’s town centre. Its 1950s-style window façade and large, hot pink awning bearing the Deliciously Gorgeous logo really capture’s the eye, and it has become one of Eastbourne’s newest landmarks. However, this is more than just […]


Think Pink

No one could claim the Deliciously Gorgeous hot-pink-and-black colour scheme is subtle. But who wants to be subtle when you could be vibrant, exciting, and eye-catching. Our chocolates, cakes, lunches, and drinks stand out, so it only seems right that our shop should stand out too. Many people consider pink to be a ‘girly’ colour, […]