Think Pink


No one could claim the Deliciously Gorgeous hot-pink-and-black colour scheme is subtle. But who wants to be subtle when you could be vibrant, exciting, and eye-catching. Our chocolates, cakes, lunches, and drinks stand out, so it only seems right that our shop should stand out too.

Many people consider pink to be a ‘girly’ colour, and hot pink to be youthful and frivolous, but because it is part of the red spectrum it also has associations with energy and a fiery spirit. In fact, up until about 1920, in the Western world a new mother would decorate the nursery in pink for a boy and blue for a girl (because of the association of blue with the Virgin Mary).

In modern Japan, pink is considered a very manly colour, and when the cherry trees bloom in spring they are said to represent the spirits of Samurai warriors. Pink can also affect the way we feel, and is believed to encourage feelings of calm and friendliness, while diminishing aggressiveness and erratic behaviour. In fact, some sports grounds even paint the away-team’s locker room in pink to give the home team an edge!

Studies have also found that the colour pink makes people think about sweet food, and that cakes and cookies taste better when eaten from a pink box or plate.
But don’t worry – if all the manliness and energy get too much, Deliciously Gorgeous has some more subtly decorated areas to relax in as well, with soft lighting, walls painted a sophisticated French grey, and comfortable, squashy brown sofas where you can spend a soothing afternoon in Eastbourne’s new favourite hideaway.