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DG Art Gallery January and February 2023
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Artist: Linda Morgan

The last thirty years of my working life was as a therapist at St.Michael’s hospice, but when I retired 3 years ago I decided to pick up my long term love of art and crafts.

My early efforts bought in some money and I was delighted to think that people like my work enough to pay for it.

Then a good friend of mine who knew I was painting offered me a corner in a gallery in Alfriston and a few you weeks later to my surprise he presented me with a wad of cash! Since then I’ve sold more of my work, including three at the exhibition in the Meads in July and a number of private commissions.

I like to tell a story with my pictures, working in watercolour, oils, acrylic and mixed media.

I hope you enjoy my work here today – perhaps a present for someone or maybe just a treat for yourself.

More art can be viewed HERE on our website, or come along to our café for the full gallery experience…

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