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Our Story

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The Company, Deliciously Gorgeous first opened in 2011 as a bespoke Wedding cakes company and quickly gained a reputation for the quality of their fine products. Today, not only do our cakes taste wonderful, they also look just as good – each mouthful is a masterpiece in miniature.

Deliciously Gorgeous took on a different direction through the following couple of years introducing an array of Belgian chocolate. Considered a Superfood along with its delightful taste helped establish Deliciously Gorgeous to become the confiserie it continues to be today.

Mid 2015 saw Deliciously Gorgeous take on new management with a focus to not only maintain our existing clientele but to grow a new customer base also and over the past four years this has helped establish the growth. Through the next twelve months as we head into 2020 will see us expanding back into Wedding cake designing with a comprehensive focus on the ever growing Egg & dairy free market where we will aim to lead the way with the highest of quality products offered.

Our Afternoon Tea’s and Baby Showers have proven a great success and now all the more reason to continue offering other events packages to suit a variety of customers.

Also maintaining our every day lunch options is always our priority. Our Jacket Potatoes and Gorgeous Boards are still leading the way on taste and presentation and as usual you can always pop in for an incredible Luxury Hot Chocolate and a slice of our infamous Chocolate Gateau cake. This would have to be considered an indulgence of Chocolate to say the least!

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Opened as a bespoke wedding cakes company


Became Delicious Gorgeous the confiserie


Certificate of Excellence 2015-2019

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Our Mission

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When we took over Deliciously Gorgeous in 2015, our aim was to create a place where anyone could come for something to eat or drink and feel at home. We particularly wanted to create a place where vegetarians, vegans and people with food intolerances would be able to find something they could enjoy and thus are excited about the continuing in our growth for dairy & animal cruelty free products which include Artisan ice cream, cakes, Cream teas and our Afternoon Tea range of gatherings in which cater for all types of hungry people.

We welcome families as we provide high chairs, a baby-change area and menu-items such as our caffeine-free babyccino which compliment our cookies and not to forget our animal-shaped Belgian chocolates, which have always been popular with the little ones.

We’ve always said we’d cater for both young and old and our newest food additions are our kiddies lunch board and our mini soup with half a sandwich proving very popular indeed.

Our alcohol license has now been granted, so please join us for a drink to celebrate…